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At Fillers Consulting, we focus on creating a different experience from the dated accountant/client relationship of yesterday. We are not outsiders that you’ll only hear from at tax season. We want to be an extension of your company and take the journey with you. We pride ourselves in being responsive, readily available, and always willing to adapt to new accounting technology.

Founded in 2012 by Kevin Fillers, Fillers Consulting started as a business focused on training entrepreneurs how to setup and maintain QuickBooks accounting systems. From there Kevin would go on to train dozens of business owners and their staff members in best practices for financial record keeping.

“Back in the early 2010’s, I felt like there was a clear gap in the market for good QuickBooks training. There seemed to be only two consistent options: either send your staff to a traveling multi-day seminar that could easily be the most boring 16 hours someone would ever have to endure or pay an accounting firm an extremely high hourly rate for in-office training despite training not being one of their core competencies. Since I already had a strong background in training athletes, I thought surely, I could use a lot of the same methodology to create a system for teaching accounting and bookkeeping. One referral led to another, and before I knew it, Fillers Consulting was born.”

After spending the initial years focusing primarily on QuickBooks setup and training, Fillers Consulting started transitioning into higher level analysis and strategic planning.

“While I was training staff members, I kept having clients ask me if I’d consider staying around in an ongoing advisory role, but I was reluctant to do so. At the time, I was burning the candle at both ends between a full-time career, full-time night school, training athletes part-time, and doing these accounting projects whenever I could spare a minute, but after completing my degree and hanging up my cleats, I started to really sink my teeth into financial strategy. I already had a number of clients using my accounting systems so the data was there. It just took a little time for me to realize quite how powerful that information could be when used as a road map.”

As the years went by, Fillers Consulting continued to do accounting projects for a wide range of industries while venturing deeper into strategic planning and business process consulting.

“After spending so much time studying the collection and analysis of financial data, I knew the final step for completing the circle would be leading businesses through the process changes needed to shift energy away from the low margin activities into more of the high margin activities. Naturally, people do not like change, but when you can teach them a path forward (with the data to support it), it’s a much easier pill to swallow. That’s why our projects always start in the accounting department because without that financial data driving the process improvements, you are just shooting in the dark and hoping to hit something.”

Fast forward to 2020, Fillers Consulting considers the path to business success to be in five clear steps:

  • Collect financial data accurately and efficiently
  • Analyze the financial data to develop a road map and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Make the process changes necessary to follow the road map
  • Periodically measure your progress against the KPI’s
  • Keep improving, keep measuring, and you will hit your financial goals

Meet Our Founder

Early Years – 2003

Born and Raised in Oak Ridge, TN

Graduate of Oak Ridge High School

Professional Paintball Years – 2008

Delayed entry into college to pursue a professional paintball career

45+ weekends per year travel schedule

Lived childhood dream

From Athlete to Coach: 2008 – 2011

Launched The BizzNiss to train and coach aspiring professional paintball players

  • Taught clinics across the world
  • Multiple championships as coach
  • Trained over 20 future professional athletes
  • Still involved with industry today

From Sports to Business – 2011

Graduate of Pellissippi State

5 years of juggling life as an athlete, entrepreneur, student, employee

Selected as top business graduate

From training athletes to training entrepreneurs

Launched Fillers Consulting in 2012

Had a skill>saw the need>sold the knowledge

Really found a passion for small business management and accounting

Career Progression


After spending 4 years as the National Finance Manager, named Assistant National Executive Director after back to back record breaking revenue years resulting from restructuring operations.

Education Complete…or so I thought

Selected as Top Graduate at Haslam College of Business (2013)

End of 7 year campaign as non-traditional student

October 31, 2015

Yes, that is Elvis

Never take life too seriously

End of an Era – 2016

Completed multi-year restructuring plan of 50 year old organization.

Broke revenue records 4 years in a row

Left company completely debt-free for first time in 35 years

Decided to leave non-profit sector after completion

Sharpening the tools: 2016 – 2020

Recruited to Innovative Design, Inc

Great experience!

Launched IDI Entrepreneur Assistance Program

Attended Tennessee Tech for CPA eligibility

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity – Sun Tzu

I never would have expected to make the transition from part-time hustle to full-time entrepreneur at the onset of a global pandemic, but the economic shock led to many business owners realizing they did not have access to the expertise needed for navigating this crisis. Restructuring operations, applying for loans/grants, business model changes, etc.

The phone kept ringing, and I decided it was time to answer the call.

From the TRAVEL DESK: Nothing says thrills and adventures like a career in accounting! Not really, but we always try to keep a certain level of excitement outside of the office. What’s the point of working hard if you aren’t going to celebrate your successes with the things that make you feel ALIVE. Be sure to follow the Fillers Consulting Twitter page, no telling where we’ll end up next.

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