Staff Training

At Fillers Consulting, success can be simply defined by asking ourselves: “Did we empower a business owner to create the best version of their company, and did we help them reach their personal goals”. We are always happy to provide our outsourcing services to a client, but if the most cost-effective solution for their needs is with their own staff, we will always share our knowledge and build a training program for them.

Over the last eight years, we have trained dozens of workers in Quickbooks (Desktop & QBO) and best practices for administrative management. We pride ourselves in taking a complicated topic like accounting and being able to articulate it in a clear and understandable manner for any experience level.

Why spend thousands of dollars to send your staff away for training or costly online programs with no guarantee that they’ll retain the knowledge? We bring the training to your facility and stand by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sometimes training staff is the answer, sometimes outsourcing a task is the answer. We’ll give you an honest opinion with the data to support it!

What do coaching athletes and training administrative workers have in common? A lot!

“I never realized how much being a coach was going to impact my career until I got into business consulting. I was amazed by how many similarities there are between building a successful team as there are in building a successful staff, but it really comes down to two things: being able to recognize that different personalities need to be managed differently and putting systems in place that lead to clear expectations and accountability. The right people will thrive when given a goal and the tools to get there.”

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